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Over You Review

Over You by THE PROJECT is an anthemic track with a killer guitar part and vocals that ooze charisma. The song opens strong. It begins with distorted guitar strumming and heavy, rhythmic drums. They immediately establish the tone in a way that knocks you off your feet on a first listen. The wave of sound gets your attention. However, the track keeps it by evolving the melody throughout. The drumming does more than establish a foundation for the guitars and vocals to bounce off. It adds personality and energy to the track. I love the rolls it uses to transition between the verse and the choruses. Not only does it ease the switch between sections, but it also builds up energy, giving the track a sense of momentum into the higher pace of the chorus.

Speaking of the chorus, this is the point where the track boldly swells. Other guitar techniques take over the mix, such as this rock lead that scratches an edgy distortion, taking the power to the next level. I like how it deviates slightly from the vocals. It allows for contrast within the track’s texture and explores the melody more fully. This exploration is taken even further during the guitar solo later in the song.

The vocals are full of confidence. You get a sense of personality coming through every line. I love the use of harmony. The harmony emphasises potent lyrics and fills out the sound. It also gives the track a definite sixties shine through its classic call-and-response style, often used during that era. The vocals evolve slowly throughout the song, unlike other elements, such as the guitar that comes out swinging right from the start. This vocal decision gives the track room to grow and increase its intensity as it goes on.

This track exudes effortless confidence that permeates every aspect of the song, from the technical attributes to the delivery.


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