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Parades is a Latin Pop Breakup Anthem

paredes by BERTO is a mournful Latin pop anthem with R&B influences. It combines beautiful acoustic guitar playing with the intensity of electronic pop instrumentation to describe the ebbs and flows of life after a breakup.

At the start of the track, the guitar allows space in the composition for the listener to become accustomed to the track’s pacing and melody. It also allows the vocals to stand out, establishing the emotional tone of the track simply and effectively. The guitar playing itself feels sensitive and connected to the sadness of the vocal delivery. Each pluck feels intentional but also smooth and effortless at the same time. I think a lot of effort went into making sure the playing feels effortless and flowing. 


As the track develops, the sound blooms into a bolder timbre with the use of pop drums and synths. They add to the melody without distracting from the foundation the track has established. If anything the increasing intensity of the song elevates the themes and adds contrast to the beautiful vocals, their subtlety exemplified by the power of the instrumentation. The rhythm also injects the track with new energy, breathing life into the gentle melancholy of the track. The guitar contrasts it with syncopation providing a counter rhythm that turns this mournful track about love and its passing into a song that makes you want to nod your head. The fact it manages to bridge these two different tones while not feeling jarring or at odds with its message is a testament to its clear direction and the confidence of the vocalist. The vocals feel comfortable in the quieter and more intense moments. They act as a guiding light that connects the sections and leads the listener through this ever-evolving track. 

Overall, paredes impressed me with its evolving sonic landscape and confident delivery that stays true to its core message from beginning to end. 


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