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Piece of My Mind Review

Piece of My Mind by PER PLOUG is an honest and simple ballad that uses a train of thought style lyrical arrangement to explore our fear of the future.

Piece of My Mind utilises a gentle piano part to underpin its melody. Although it is simple, the intricacies of its execution are really what brings it to the next level. There is a sensitivity with which it is played that elevates it beyond the notes. I think part of that sensitivity is also the way it interacts with the vocal performance. The piano and vocals react to each other and it is that interplay where the intricacies of the melody are teased out. This unity of the composition also helps emphasise the lyrics. When the line “What is their future and how will they cope” is sung, the piano reacts with a melodic tension that mirrors the question being asked and connects the track thematically and melodically in a cathartic way.

The lyrics themselves have a raw emotional edge that feels genuine. You get a real sense of the concern Ploug has for society in the future. I thought the line “How can some nations let their own people die” was particularly strong in exploring the callous nature of modern politics and pointing towards the inhumane trajectory that we are on societally.

As the chorus begins, the vocals swell with harmony. They do a great job of emphasising important lines and injecting the track with new energy. I also think two people singing together feels thematically relevant, relating to a sense of unity that is at the core of the song's identity. The guitar plucking in the chorus as well, further adds depth to the rich sonic tapestry of the song and allows for greater diversity within the melody, exploring the same motifs with different timbres and registers.

Overall, I was impressed with the cohesive themes and simple yet elegant execution of Piece of My Mind. It feels honest and raw and I appreciate its bold take on our future.


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