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Q's The Shave Experiment is a Neo Soul Kaleidoscope... With Drums!

Q is an R&B, Neo Soul artist with an amazing discography of introspective gems. His album, The Shave Experiment in particular stands out, showing his incredible growth as well as unraveling a beautiful love story.

I'm sure that many people like me had a visceral reaction when listening to "Take Me Where Your Heart Is" for the first time, feeling the tension of unrequited feelings like a punch in the gut. I think a big part of this is the drums which give the track a hypnotic rhythm that the rest of the song can dance around.

Having rhythmic drumming at the heart of a song is not common in this style of Neo Soul R&B, look at Blond by Frank Ocean, Honeybloom by Choker and Freudian by Daniel Cesar for comparison.

However, I think by breaking that convention, Q differentiates his music from other songs within his genre and somehow pokes at some untapped "Neo Soul+Drums" neutron deep within our psyche, leading to a sound which wholly unique and incredibly emotionally potent.


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