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Real One Review

Real One balances steezy party energy with more serious themes that add depth and texture, providing contrast and important context to the easy listening vibe and leaning into BREON S.Y.N.D.E.L’s work hard play hard mantra.

The track utilises layers of violins in its beat. Together, the strings give the low register of the rhythm some high register juxtaposition that adds tension throughout your the track. The violin runs fade in and out of each other, creating this wave of sound that works to create a cathartic melody that conveys ease and tension at the same time. This division is also explored through the lyrics. S.Y.N.D.E.L mixes lines about chilling with the real ones next to lines about it being on sight for people who cross him. The delivery feels the same for these two different lines, emphasising the work hard play hard mantra at the core of the track. S.Y.N.D.E.L brings ease from the partying side of the track into the other, more complex, and sinister rap elements. There is also a section discussing mental health that feels just as vibey as the lighter moments. It’s a thematically consistent creative call that connects human emotions with the lifestyle romanticised in a lot of modern music. It shows its dark side without losing the positive side as well. This track exposes the stark balance and drastic ups and downs of a fast-paced party lifestyle. The vocals have heavy vocal effects which match the spaced-out mood of the song. The violins are joined by piano runs that add an ethereal quality to the mix. They work as a call and response to the vocals, often mirroring their melody. This creates a sonic tension that helps the track escalate as it goes on without losing the energy. 

This mix of tension and ease that permeates every layer of the composition and delivery is overall what makes this track so entrancing to listen to. 


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