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Reality Spaces Review

"Reality Spaces" is a unique and compelling EP from the duo Monochrome Midnight Traveler. Using downbeat electronic styling and a subdued charisma, the duo captured the liminal quiet of an empty mega city late at night.

The first track, "Reality" immediately captured my attention with its deep pulsating bass contrasted by ethereal high vocals with a shiny timbre. This kind of styling reminded me of the best of Montell Fish and The Weeknd, combining otherworldly confidence of a heavy baseline with the subtle vulnerability of the high vocals. That mix creates an interesting vibe, mirroring the feeling of feeling small in a mega city, surrounded by towering behemoths of buildings yet compelled to explore through curiosity.

The melody sits in the background hidden within the pulsating bass and several layers of synths. It quietly drives and elevates the vocals by building a complementary sound that pulls out the highlights of the vocal performance.

I like the style of vocals on both on the tracks. The emphasis falls on the sound and feel of the voice as opposed to the individual lyrics. That change of focus allows the vocal to factor as an instrument first and a storyteller second, allowing you to soak up the ambiance of the track foremost.

“Spaces” develops and changes the sounds explored in "Reality". It employs a different, lower timbre of vocals that works well with the synth melody. The way the two react to each other almost feels like a call and response. I appreciate the ebb and flow of the synth layers as well. They build and dissipate throughout the track, adding an interesting texture and diversifying the sonic landscape. The rhythm also has an extra kick to it on "Spaces". The use of polyrhythm feels smooth and purposeful, adding a sense of awe and tension to the composition.

This EP successfully captures a specific energy, showing us an empty cityscape through sound. I love the clear creative goal and appreciate the brilliant technical execution. I’m excited to see what they do next!

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