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Reflection Review

Reflection by Millhope is a post-rock instrumental track that captures nostalgic energy through its tight production and use of a diverse range of synthesizers.

The track begins with an enigmatic and soulful vibe that slowly builds energy as the piece goes on. The lead melody feels light and conversational at this point. The higher-pitch synth introduces a theme, and then the lower-pitch synth evolves it. This technique gives each of the components a sense of personality and character. Before the heavy percussive elements kick in, these conversing layers of synths and their nostalgic distortion reminded me of Running Around by Buddy Ross. Something about how the synths interacted felt comfortable and warm while keeping the element of the unknown present, drawing anticipation for the rest of the track.

The percussion washes over the listener, giving the piece notable confidence through the marching rhythm. It maintains the curious melody through the intensity of the rhythmic changes. The plentiful fills encourage a high pace and increase the power of the track as a whole. The rhythm ebbs and flows, generally increasing the intensity every drop. This decision keeps the track exciting throughout.

The track uses guitar sparingly. It feels soft and space-age, fitting for the shoegaze feel it perpetuates. The guitars follow gentle runs up and down, showing us the variety and depth within the song’s melody. The track takes this further towards the end, developing into a more traditional guitar solo. It feels like the track earns the embellishments through its careful and complex sonic development up to that point. The solo is the cherry on top of an excellently crafted track.

The complex ebb and flow of the track’s melody and rhythm feels meticulously crafted and full of personality. The enigmatic energy feels present from beginning to end and evolves with the piece.


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