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Royal Space Dog Review

Norwegian Dream pop from the birthplace of the Vikings is an unexpected combination of words I didn’t expect to write today. When people think of Vikings, they don’t often associate it with the neo-psychedelic pop sound that defines the subgenre.

However, Royal Space Dog by ANDREAS GRANNES manages to knock this relaxed Lofi banger out of the park. With some production help from Diana Hutch, a French dream pop artist with some undiscovered heavy hitters of their own, Grannes brings to life his unique vocal charisma with this easy-listening psychedelic adventure. Although this detail is subtle, I appreciate the reversed drums that open the track. They give the track sonic momentum right from the start. The song poses a question with the alien sound and then immediately resolves it with the beginning of the drum rhythm as the track begins.

The opening swells with this warm-sounding electric guitar that oozes character. It establishes the melody nicely and sets the tone for the vocals to steal the show. The delivery, aided by their dominant position in the mix and the plentiful harmonies, leads the track from the front, defining the melody and heading the sonic evolution as the song progresses. It feels spot-on, matching the delicate swaying rhythm with a sense of energy that ebbs and flows through the choruses and verses.

The drumming is tight, providing a rhythmic structure that allows the other aspects to dance around it. They also have a confident flow in their own right. The hiss of the cymbals add to more than just the rhythm. It transcends the melody and rhythm. Above all else, it injects a sense of personality through its style.

I’m glad I got the chance to listen to Royal Space Dog. Its laid-back yet passionate and charismatic vocal style works with the melody and rhythm. The song is full of personality, bringing it to life from beginning to end.


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