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Runnin' Away Review

Runnin' Away by YAEL LANCIANO has this warm and welcoming vibe right from the outset. It communicates that sense of love, even in the face of uncertainty, with an excellent vocal performance that works with the stylish pop aesthetic to produce a luscious track that keeps you emotionally invested.

Focusing on the narrative of a lover who is struggling to open up, the track feels like a mix of confusion and empathy for their position. You get the sense that our speaker is open to being patient, guiding their partner through their journey. On the other hand, the repetition of the line “Why are you running away” in the chorus does emphasise a different side of the story, possibly suggesting the pressure that comes from guiding someone into a more emotionally vulnerable state, pushing the relationship out of its comfort zone and injecting a sense of uncertainty as to why their partner is unwilling to change.

The vocals communicate that balance brilliantly. Through the verses and choruses, they do a thoughtful job of showcasing the warm and tender side of opening up in love and the insecurity and stress that comes from the process. The more complex and difficult-to-process emotions feel especially resonant in the sections with harmonies. Those moments draw out the uncertainty with their contrast, giving the individual parts a deep context within the track.

The production is another aspect that helps underscore the emotional complexity of the song. The track uses a variety of ethereal synths and confident rhythmic drumming, combining the heavy themes explored with an energetic production style. This marriage of different tones reminded me of tracks like Endlessly by Omar Apollo, mixing confident delivery and production with heavy and difficult-to-discuss themes.

Overall, Runnin’ Away carries a complex message about the struggles of relationships, communicating the difficulties that come from changing and staying the same. Those intense themes connect to a luscious production and bold vocal delivery that elevates the track beyond the sum of its parts.


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