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SHE Explores Our Relation to Instant Gratification

SHE by JOE LINGTON is a genre-bending exploration and commentary of modern relationships. The album doesn’t compromise its message in any way, delivering cutting and emotionally resonant musical lines, spanning the scope of afro beats, R&B, and sensitive Neo Soul. 


Opening up with Pinkeen and Move Your Body, the album begins with energy and pep. The brass instrumentation on Move Your Body is a standout, adding a charismatic vibe to the sound that matches the dance-inspired lyrics. The bounce and power of these tracks feel like a commentary on the use of instant gratification in modern society. Putting the energetic tracks at the top of the album dares listeners to delve beyond the immediate power and charm of the gratifying opening.

As the album develops, the next tracks blend the confidence with subtle emotional depth. She Episode 1 in particular, surprised me with its clarity and depth of narrative. The strings in the background add tension that elevates the spoken word into an element that resonates musically as well as within the story of the album.  

Towards the middle of the project, tracks like Give Me All and Because of You explore the more sensitive aspects of heartbreak, with the use of layers of stringed instrumentation adding depth and complexity to the narrative and sonic landscape. They feel subtle and appropriate in terms of providing a backdrop to the more gentle aspects of the track, adding energy without distracting from their core message. 

Toward the latter part of the album, the R&B influences combine with the spoken word aspects to create a different timbre that utilises parts of the afro beats pep combined with the resonance of the complex narrative to create an innovative sound that feels like a unique signature encapsulating JOE LINGTON’s sound, exemplified in tracks like JTGTY.

It’s brilliant to see such an uncompromising project come together in a unique and cathartic way. It was a privilege to hear the sound evolve and combine genres throughout the album.


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