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She Turns Review

She Turns by Santa Claws is a freeing rock song reminiscent of the nineties, imagining the positive effects of greater freedom and opportunity for women in our culture. “We imagine a woman who is more free, independent, happy, and proud.” It’s got a wonderful message. The joyous melodic execution helps to drive its themes home.

The track introduces us to its rhythm and melody quickly. It utilises a confident guitar trill that sets the tone for the other instrumental aspects. Rhythmic strumming bolsters the lead guitar part. It helps establish both the rhythm and the melody. It also rounds out the track’s sonic palette, adding depth and richness to the song’s overall timbre. The drums do more than establish a rhythmic foundation for the other aspects of the track to react to. They also change in response to the song’s evolving melody and vocal delivery. Their interactions with the rest of the song feel alive.

The vocals convey a sense of joy through their subtle emotional peaks and troughs that mirror that of the lyrics. It feels as if the vocalist is enjoying the exploration of the narrative as much as the listener is. The delivery is breathy and soft, allowing space for the melody to take centre stage at points. At other times, the instrumental elevates the softness of the lyrics through its contrast. The strumming, in particular, adds a diversity that underscores the lyrics. I think it grounds the high register of the vocals. The repetition of the phrase “she turns” during the chorus feels like the track is sonically recreating spins as our protagonist dances around. Something about the descending vocal patterns feels reminiscent of dance and freely moving your body.

Overall, She Turns is bold and bright in its tone and melody. I love how each element interacts with the other, but the vocal complexity elevates it to the next level. I’m excited to see what Santa Claws does next.


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