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Shoulder to Shoulder Review

Shoulder to Shoulder is the latest release by Wasson!? It is a meaningful track that balances thematic depth with an energetic punk rock attitude that does not undermine the intensity of the lyricism. Hailing from Bude in Cornwall, the band injects this track with the energy of home.

The mix of distortion and clarity in the layers of lead guitars reminded me of getting tumbled about by the waves that make Bude so memorable to so many.

The track utilises a pacey rhythm with plenty of fills, keeping the intensity up while adding tonally to the track. Their steezy hiss feel like a melodic addition as much as a rhythmic one.

Lyrically, the track explores the concepts of loss and the importance of having a support system around you when dealing with these impossible and terrifying challenges. The concept of standing shoulder-to-shoulder, contrasted with the idea of dreams turning into fears, communicated that we all deal with mental health challenges when handling intense emotional adversity however, through that pain, there is a sense of unity and togetherness. I also like the line about dreams hiding in plain sight. The idea that trauma can disguise the good that is in your life is something I think a lot of people can relate to. For those dealing with these issues now, here’s an interesting study that suggests that our brain can become conditioned to look for negativity after trauma. The track handles the theme tastefully, not backing away from the punk rock attitude while not holding any punches with the weight of the lyrics. This combo shows the diversity of Wasson!? The band is known for more light-hearted songs. Although this track conveys levity and optimism through the theme of unity, it’s brilliant that the band can cover a variety of tones through their music. This kind of thematic exploration is worth celebrating.


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