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Silhouette Review

Silhouette by Foot Squeaker is an excellent indie rock track comprising vibrant guitars, confident vocals, and solid percussion.

All of these aspects are tied together into a beautiful message about coming back from trauma and overcoming adversity. What first jumps out when listening to this track is an exciting and positive-sounding guitar, not something you'd expect in a track about trauma. I think this ties into the point of the track and how it differs from other takes on such a serious topic.

It feels like a lot of tracks, especially within the indie rock genre, tend to discuss trauma passively, as something ineffable in how terrible it is. In contrast, this track feels like a positive energy and a vibrant force to escape from trauma and build yourself into someone new by relying on your loved ones and the people around you instead of struggling alone.

This song has an optimistic perspective creating a vibe of post-traumatic growth instead of post-traumatic stress. I think it's healthy and refreshing to take that is emphasised by the energy and excitement of the guitars.

The vocal performance has a difficult job here, as it has to maintain the confidence and energy in the instrumental while also remaining vulnerable to stay true to the themes. He manages to straddle that line perfectly throughout with his voice ebbing and flowing to match the cadence and vibe of the track.

The drumming on this song is also excellent. It serves as a steady rhythmic anchor that ties the other aspects of the composition together. The use of constant fills also feels thematically relevant, adding a pace and intensity that seems to match the anxiety people deal with when it comes to trauma. It's amazing to see how the theme of the track is integrated into every aspect so fluidly.

Silhouette is a brilliant indie rock piece that is not only technically great but also has a wonderful and unique message to boot.

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