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Something New Review

Something New by dZ is an extravagant and confident anthem about reinventing yourself. Charisma oozes from this one in every aspect. It has a cohesive delivery that combines the vocals, instrumentals, and themes into one rich musical texture.

The use of brass throughout the whole track is a highlight. Right from the opening, the brass provides a shiny timbre and uplifting sonic energy that explores the tone, outlining the melody. They almost work as an introduction to the vocals, their flares and runs mimicking the lyrical delivery that follows them. This creative choice is part of the cohesion that makes the track special. Brass gives the vocals space to take centre stage during their verse. The interplay between these two aspects elevates each one individually.

The drumming is another aspect that makes itself apparent early on. Its emphasis is unsurprising because of dZ’s vast array of drumming experience and expertise. He effortlessly produces these layers of rhythms and counter-rhythms that bounce off each other, again shocking me with the level of interplay and cohesion the rhythm has with other aspects of the song. The drumming has a life and vigor that permeates every other part of the track. It feels loose, improvised, and playful while being consistently on the beat and tied to the melody. This contradictory performance style is an impressive juxtaposition that does more than provide a rhythmic foundation for the melodic attributes to dance around. It provides that structure but also allows for flare and eccentricity of its own.

The energy of the vocals shares many similarities with the drumming in the sense that they feel playful and energetic. They have a charismatic sway that makes the lyrics feel particularly meaningful while adding a tongue-in-cheek lightness that makes the track fun to listen to.

Overall, Something New delivers every aspect of a groovy jazz banger should. With beautiful musical interplay, steezy vocals, and a bouncy drum beat, this is not a track you want to miss.

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