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Sonatina in C sharp Review

Sonatina in C sharp by RAYNALD GRENIER is a cinematic, classical piece with a definitive and tumultuous narrative told through simple piano playing. It opens with a simple yet beautiful piano part and goes through three distinct phases of evolution to deliver its story, much like a three-act structure in a film.

The beginning establishes the melody with beautiful trills and a solid rhythmic sway that forms a foundation for the runs to dance around. The song also balances the high register with a deep and rich left-hand accompaniment that adds range and a sense of contrast to balance out the light of the main melody. Grenier’s performance is technically stellar. He nails the mix of softness and confidence required on every note. He wants to emphasise the narrative aspects of the composition as well as give each part a unique personality. The main melody feels playful during this section because of that sensitive delivery.

As the second section begins, the track transitions to a darker, more tumultuous part of the melody. The lower, melancholic tones feel emphasised. There is a noticeable shift in the personality of the sound. What felt purely joyous and playful now feels melancholic. The high trills only emphasise the inescapable tragedy and anxiety at the core of this section’s melody.

As the third and final part begins, there is a sense of reconciliation. Although the melancholy hasn’t dissipated, it is more balanced because of the positive and playful aspects of the melody that were present in the earlier section. This part feels like the resolution of the narrative. The song swells, making it through the confrontation and challenges of the melancholic angst.

Grenier’s ability to use subtle sonic evolution to produce such a significant change for the listener makes this piece cathartic from beginning to end.

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