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Stand and Deliver Review

Stand and Deliver by Blueprint Tokyo is an alt-rock dream pop track with heavy synth-pop influences that build a unique sound, pushing the boat out musically while still telling a story that is cohesive and compelling.

Beginning with a simple keyboard section establishing the melody, the track opens up when the voices come in. Immediately diving into this deep and textured harmony that appears at several points throughout the composition. In this track particularly, the harmonies feel like they emphasise key parts of the lyrics. The line “If I call” is sung solo and the next “Don’t worry to answer” is sung with a harmony. It allows the emotional core of the lyrics to have extra power by underscoring them with harmony. The execution throughout is very fluid, lending a higher register that explores different aspects of the melody than we see in the lead vocal.

Beyond the vocals, the use of quick, staccato-style synths when the track warms up towards the chorus is a great tension builder that allows for a bigger release when it comes to the chorus. They’re also one of the early signs of the synth-pop influences on the track. They give the song a modern edge that makes it a cut above a lot of tracks that stay rooted solely in the indie genre.

The lyrics have this interesting mix of sequestered, contained emotion and deep moments of release. The lyrics “don’t bother to tell her how you feel” followed by “let’s spill our heart right here on the floor” feels like an interesting mix, as if the protagonist can’t decide how open they want to be with their partner. It’s an interesting take on the anxiety that comes from not knowing where you stand with somebody. That relatable stress is tackled dexterously throughout this track.

People going through relationship struggles may find some solace in this one and I appreciate the wide variety of influences in the instrumental. I'm excited to see what they do next!


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