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Starry Night Review

Starry Night is a vibrant and hypnotic dream pop anthem that would sound equally good in an intense workout as it would blaring through loudspeakers in a club, because of its infectious and exciting energy.

Driven by excellent production foundations and led sonically by K-Syran, the track is a pleasure to listen to from beginning to end.

The song centres around the joy of the party, cocktails, romance, and enjoying life under the stars. The track is full of imagery depicting a balmy beach party spinning late into the night. Through K-Syran’s vocal performance, we get a sense of the welcoming energy around this party. She has a charisma conveyed in her subtle delivery which elevates the emotional intimacy of the track. The subdued delivery somewhat contrasts the bold and energetic production, courtesy of Two Vikings. This juxtaposition, however, only elevates their differences as opposed to creating any tonal discordance across the track.

The phrase “the taste of cocktails on our lips” mixed with imagery of waves crashing helps immerse the audience in the beach party vibe. By making the lyrics so sense-based, it allows the melody to create emotion while the lyrics paint the picture of the track. It’s this cohesion between these two aspects that makes the track work at its core as each of them relies on the other to tell part of the story.

The instrumental itself has an ethereal and powerful energy that’s explored through layers of synths that work together. It does a great job of ebbing and flowing as the piece goes on. It introduces us to the melody early before softening as the track continues, allowing K-Syran’s vocals to take centre stage. The pulsating synths do a great job of establishing the party vibe and the more melodic synth helps build the complexity of motifs explored with subtle vocal trills that underscore and highlight moments within the mix.

Starry Night is a fun dream pop banger that fans of dance music are not going to want to miss. I hope I get to hear it in a club soon.


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