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Strongest Of Bonds Review

Strongest Of Bonds by Linda Conway is an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt piece about love and loss.

Centering around the early loss of her mother, Conway laments about her life. She asks questions about her, wondering how she lived. Her delivery feels honest and raw but there is also a catharsis in being able to ask these questions at all.

I think Conway putting these thoughts into words helps to materialise her battle into something more tangible and easy to understand for a listener. That ability, to take something as indescribable as grief and put it into words shows true talent in the lyrics.

The other thing about compositions like this is that it is a wonderfully beneficial experience for both the creator and the listener. As Linda has spoken about online, her music provides “a cathartic medium to express her profound emotions.” On top of it being a cathartic medium for herself, the track will also benefit others going through similar struggles in life, helping them to understand their grief through Conway's music. It’s a powerful track and more importantly, it’s unquestionably positive in its effect on the people it touches. This is one of the reasons I love music.

The track uses a stripped-down piano part that supports and builds upon the power of the vocal performance, adding embellishments that underscore important lyrics and phrases. I specifically like the power of the chords played under “mother and daughter.” It’s a clever way to emphasise the importance of those words. I also think the piano interlude later in the song is a nice touch, adding space for the listener to breathe and look back on the emotionally charged moments they have just experienced. It also allows you to focus on the delicate and precise piano playing.

Strongest Of Bonds by Linda Conway is an emotionally powerful track with a sense of catharsis in its exploration of grief that only gets stronger on subsequent listens. I'm very glad I had the privilege to listen to it.


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