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Sturm aufs Paradies Review

Sturm aufs Paradies by BARock is an eclectic mix of rock, rap, and alternative influences that creates a cohesive and exciting narrative that ebbs and flows in emotion.

It utilises a mix of traditional instrumentation with psychedelic and electronic production techniques, allowing it to straddle the line between modern and timeless through this juxtaposition.

Opening With Sturm aufs Paradies, BARock immediately introduces us to their signature style with an enigmatic rap delivery over a psychedelic beat. Soon, the track transitions into a more heavy rock vibe with a distorted, crunchy, classic rock guitar sound. That new timbre is matched with an aggressive and bold delivery, changing up the genre influences of the track completely. I like the decision to drop us in the deep end sonically. Having such a wide variety of sounds early on prepares us for the genre-bending journey ahead of us. Although the track’s sections are very different, they work together cohesively due to great instrumentation and a solid melodic through-line connecting them. The next track, Memento Mori, builds on the rock sound that Sturm aufs Paradies has introduced with a bold lead guitar part.

Stell mir keine Fragen is another excellent track, showing off more alternative influences and allowing the drums to flex their rhythmic muscles. The track has a fast pace that works brilliantly with the tone of the delivery. It contrasts the faster pace with a slower and more emotionally resonant vocal style. Later on, the rock influences became more pronounced.

Mein kleine, gross Welt is an excellent track, further building on the emotional core of the album. The acoustic guitar and slower pace are a nice palette cleaner for the collection. Despite the slower pace, however, the track still packs a punch through its raw and emotionally resonant delivery. I like how the song allows for moments of silence in the mix.

RockBA, ties the album together, with an alternative rock banger, once again showing off crunchy guitars, excellent drumming, and a heartfelt vocal performance. The drumming towards the beginning, with the pace increasing over time, is a really nice touch and the guitar solo in the latter half brings the track home.

Overall this album is a creative and genre-bending combination of tracks that never loses its emotional potency through its tonal variations.


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