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Sun's Out Review

Sun's Out by JUVA is a smooth summer anthem, perfectly timed to show us what we can't get nine months of the year here in the UK. The song is full of British R&B steeze from beginning to end.

However, what captured my attention was its intelligent lyrical delivery and creative use of instrumentation, especially in the chorus.

Juva’s flow is smooth right off the bat. Jumping straight into charismatic delivery and articulate lyrics, he sounds effortless yet meticulously crafted. The less-considered subtleties of his vocal style elevate the delivery. Juva’s breath control is stellar from beginning to end. This is one of the key attributes that makes him sound comfortable through the ebbs and flows of the song's energy. Speaking of which, he traverses the changes of the energy brilliantly, coming across as tonally connected to the vibe of the instrumental at any given time.

The chorus is where this track comes together. The use of the steel pan is inspired. The performance is incredibly expressive and adds colour to the melody, bouncing around the other melodic attributes in a way that feels inherently bright, warm, and summery. Its shiny timbre and high register contrast the deep bass used. It has a mechanical, thumping quality that provides the R&B edge the track requires, walking the tonal line between sweet but smooth brilliantly.

The repetition of the phrase “I’m alive” through the chorus emphasises how the sun can affect your mood. It captures the joy and freedom that comes from a warm day. The line captures that excitement of the world opening up and ripening.

Suns Out is a charismatic anthem of summer positivity and good vibes. The effortless steeze and musical creativity have won me over, more than making up for the bitterness I feel writing this review in November.


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