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Suru Review

Suru by KEPA LEHTINEN is an incredibly dark and lethargic classical track that uses the interactions between the piano part and the theremin to explore the complexities of the song's emotional landscape.

The piano has a more traditional, classical tone, slowly unfurling the melody as the track goes. The pace of this part is achingly slow, pouring effort and detail into every note, not allowing any moment to hide in the anticipation of the next. The slower pace naturally allows moments for the audience to breathe within the composition. This space to lament gives the track a chance to take on a personal connection with each person individually. Generally, having a higher register, the piano establishes an ethereal timbre that balances the other instruments. That added diversity is a nice touch that contributes to the rich tapestry of the song overall.

Although the piano part is fantastic, the theremin makes the piece truly unique. I don’t think I’ve come across an instrument that can communicate the level of emotional depth that the theremin is capable of. Something to do with the precise and gentle wavering of the note feels like a voice breaking with emotion. It does a great job of contrasting the piano. While the piano melody is made up of short, low-tempo bursts of sound, the theremin juxtaposes it with its long, slow, and emotionally resonant draw. It also contrasts the piano tonally. While the piano has a more traditional classical sound, the theremin injects a sense of the unknown into the mix. Its low tones do an excellent job of drawing the energy and emotion out of the high moments on the piano with solid harmony. Choosing the theremin over a vocal allows the experience of the track to be individual to each person while still injecting emotion, making the melody more complex. I’m impressed with the diverse sound and emotional depth of this track. It stays true to its pacing and allows the listener to interpret its lamenting melancholy in a personal way.


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