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The Crazies Review

The Crazies is a brilliant track from Sir Vere. It mixes elements of rock, post-punk, and industrial metal to pick apart the absurdity of modern life through its powerful and acerbic delivery.

Opening with layers of powerful guitars, the song is imbued with a crunchy distortion which harkens back to the, almost post-apocalyptic vibe. They add a definitive crunch and grind that adds to the industrial metal influences and work brilliantly with the throbbing synth in the background, contrasting their deep timbre with its higher register. It also helps explore the melody before the vocal comes in, establishing the vibe brilliantly right from the outset. The drumming is also awesome, a rhythmic constant throughout, the frequent fills and high intensity keep the energy high from start to finish.

The offbeat staccato guitar used around the fifty-second mark is a nice acceleration of the pace, adding new tension to an already very aggressive and intense composition. Speaking from the perspective of the authority during the track matches the heavy tone of the instrumental and helps paint the picture of the Machiavellian nature of their control over people.

The use of harmonies in the middle of the song is interesting. Often harmonies are used to show togetherness and unity. Although I think this is the aim here as well, it has a far more sinister energy given the tone of the delivery and its context within the track. It feels as if the unity explored is our passiveness and conformity to a system that doesn’t care about us. The harmony feels like a mockery of the unity we often associate with the technique.

Returning to the intensity of the staccato section further contrasts the relative calm of the previous harmonious section with heavy rock and metal influences infusing the track with a chaotic charisma through its energy and conviction in its worldview.

Overall, this is a powerful track about the importance of independent thought delivered through an electric blend of genres


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