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The Cry Of War Review

The Cry Of War by Gary Dranow is a bold and confident hard rock track using heavy, distorted, grunge electric guitars along with a powerful lead vocal performance to draw attention to current events and highlight the bravery and perseverance of Ukraine against the oppressive force of Russia.

This is a complex and nuanced subject that is not easy to dissect in a way that can be adapted to the medium of music. I think that the balance between creating a heavy rock banger and an anthem of support for Ukraine is the fine line the piece has to walk to be successful as a song and in delivering its message in the context of current events.

The way Dranow navigates the nuance is through articulate metaphors that dexterously describe the situation in Ukraine without oversimplifying the situation or losing the rock energy of the composition. The recurring imagery of the flames and the phoenix is a nice touch that exemplifies that balance between bold rock energy and positive, current, and sensitive storytelling.

The guitar and drums work as a pair in the composition right from the get-go. The grinding potency of the electric guitars is underscored by the drums, which play in tandem with each other, with the drum flairs adding embellishments that elevate important moments on the guitar and vice versa.

The vocals have subtle confidence. Aided by their dominant position in the mix, they lead the composition, directing the melody and amplifying the importance of the song's message with the conviction of the delivery. The vocal harmonies are also a nice addition that further helps to underscore important phrases and add energy, especially during the song’s chorus.

I like the heavy reverb, high register cry of the electric guitar, exploring different parts of the sonic landscape. It becomes more prominent as the track progresses, especially in the solo towards the end. It adds a nice diversity to the mix, elevating the other elements with its contrast.

Overall this track is a strong and anthemic hard rock banger but more importantly, it sheds light on the bravery of those in the Ukraine in a way that feels powerful and respectful. It’s a tough balance but this track nails it.


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