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the Steam in the Room Review

Storm Boy’s the Steam in the Room is a post-apocalyptic anthem exploring the complexities of success, love, and loneliness through the metaphor of water and fire, creating steam.

The video is also very impressive, with this alien environment intercut with shots of the band performing. It feels satisfying, allowing the attention to stay on the music while also telling a visual story at the same time. The use of the heavy turquoise and purple shades in the colour grade adds to this sense of being lost in a world that doesn’t make sense. It also contrasts nicely with the black and white grade of the band to show a nice visual diversity. It allows each section to pop individually because of its juxtaposition with the other.

The vocals are full of passion and power, with clear hard rock and punk influences that underpin its confident delivery. Through the energy, however, the emotion of the lyrics is never lost. This balance is impressive and shows how in tune the vocalist is with the material and tone of the track.

The guitar is also brilliant, providing a wave of sound that keeps the intensity from beginning to end. It works to establish the melody but also combines with the drums to build the rhythm using a strong mix of strumming and plucking throughout.

The spoken word section towards the end is also nice, helping explore the complexities of the rich world the song has created in a way that doesn’t take away, and if anything, adds to the power of the composition.

Our protagonist throughout the video manages to perfectly capture the song's balance of unbearable circumstances contrasted with the will of the human spirit to prevail anyway. You get a sense of the effort and struggle of day-to-day life by simply following them around as they explore the wasteland. Their standpoint becomes our entry into this foreign world, allowing us to see its hostility from a human perspective.

The video and the song of the Steam In the Room combine to create a brilliant narrative experience, showing us a new and hostile world while also having an inspirational message about the unbreakable human will.


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