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The Times We Had Review

The Times We Had by INGMAR KING is a raw and honest contemporary pop track exploring the complexities of growing out of childhood, understanding that the simple joys of being young are in the past, and accepting the excitement we have in the present instead.

For the majority of the track, Ingmar’s vocal performance is built on the foundations of a melancholic piano part. It mostly sits in the background of the mix, allowing the vocals to steal the show but there is a subtle beauty to their performance that rolls through the melody effortlessly, adding to this sense of lamenting about childhood and the memories that are locked in the past. The piano also does a great job at adding contrast to the vocal performance, through melodies that make the voice pop, embellishing and emphasising certain sections of Ingmar’s already very strong vocal register.

The vocals, themselves, are the centrepiece of the composition. Their range is pretty impressive, managing a variety of pitches with ease in a way that feels not only comfortable but natural for the song as well. His energy also ebbs and flows beautifully throughout the composition, starting quietly and then building up bold energy, especially in the choruses. This soaring power feels even more significant with the contrast of the quiet moments of the mix towards the beginning. Both sections amplify the potency of the other through their differences. It’s a great sonic technique that emphasises the variety throughout the tune. In terms of delivery, the line “we can’t get them back” referring to our childhood memories felt particularly well executed, drawing every possible atom of emotion out of that lyric in a way that makes me feel as if it is truly from the heart. What could be a more universal struggle than missing the simplicity of childhood and the hubris of youth?

The guitar solo towards the end is a nice touch, adding a little more sonic diversity to the track and fully exploring the melody that has been evolving throughout the piece.

All in all, The Times We Had is a powerful and emotionally resonant piece about longing for childhood, executed with intelligent production and a tonne of emotion at its core, this is a track you don’t want to miss out on.


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