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The United States of Selfishness Review

The United States of Selfishness by RUSTY REID doesn’t feel like an anti-American song. It seems like the anger directed at quasi-fascist politics, if anything, is present because of the lost potential of a culture that could help, share, and guide people far better.

The track has this aching melancholy that matches the lost opportunity created by this soaring electric guitar lead. This sound contrasts a more classic guitar part that brings the song to its roots through gentle strumming and subtle runs. These two lines interact with each other beautifully. The lead guitar elevates the rawness of the strumming while the strumming grounds the electric lead. Together, the instruments create this diverse and rich sonic palette that adds to the track and amplifies the message of the vocals.

The delivery has a sense of conviction and energy that is contagious. Rusty Ried’s ability to convincingly send his message strengthens the delivery. This energy contrasts a sense of sadness you hear at the top of his register. As each lyric peaks, the vocal runs convey a feeling of breathy disappointment, making each line feel like a deep sigh. The drums have this quiet hiss that matches that feeling as well. They manage to add rhythm without taking away from the melancholy. The guitar solo also captures that tragedy through its tender and articulate tones.

The lyrics do not hold back. There is a biting aggression to the message about conservatism being selfish and individualistic. The track argues that it slows the growth of society and forces those with less into inescapable positions. There is a sense of the crumbling hope for everyday people reflected in modern society, articulately explored by the lyrics. As the track goes, the vocals interact with the electric guitar beautifully. It works almost as a call and response. The guitar underscores the melody and emphasises the lyrics through their emotional dexterity.

Overall, I think The United States of Selfishness does well by not pulling back from the weight of the themes present in its lyrics. Every aspect of the track feels like it adds to the subtle emotional edge of the song. I appreciated its commitment to its messages and honest delivery.


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