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Tim Camrose Review

Tim Camrose’s self-titled EP is full of heart from beginning to end. An eighties-inspired rock adventure, this EP has a unique perspective on life, understanding the beauty and the sadness and accepting it all together.

The first track, Empty Roads, is a love letter to the city of London. As someone who knows London well, the track captures the grey yet gorgeous energy of such a beautiful and creative city. The horn awesomely compliments the vocals. They work in a call-and-response style, elevating each other with their contrast. The juxtaposing timbre of the vocal performance and horn creates a luscious sound.

I Didn’t Say changes the energy with a track about the loss of Camrose’s parents. The composition allows more space for the vocals, which makes sense for such a personal song. I thought the line “It's taken me half my life to find my voice again” was potent in its delivery. You get a sense of both the anguish of the time lost and a sense of joy that he has finally found his voice again. That subtle melancholic beauty runs through the lyrics and delivery, making this track a standout on the Ep.

You Know Where To Find Me injects the EP with more positive energy again through the crunchy vintage guitar part that oozes confidence and charisma. The vocal delivery is also so different. It adds hope, especially with the high register harmonies that come in as the track goes.

The last track, Back To New York City (Live), utilises the piano uniquely. It has a softness and ease through the sparse use of instruments towards the beginning. Although that ease remains, the track picks up pace, introducing joyous brass instrumentation and a beat that adds energy.

The EP explores a range of diverse tones while keeping a cohesive thematic core.

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