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Time to Burn Review

Time to Burn by the BITCHIN HOUR is a powerful and aggressive track that uses excellent guitar work and confident vocal performance to create this tone of chaos that washes over the listener.

The track opens with the guitar riff that expresses its melody, immediately introducing you to its energy while also wasting no time, building the power that defines its sound. We begin to hear layering within the guitar performance as a higher register guitar part comes in, complimenting and embellishing the original riff with its contrasting timbre.

The vocals have a chaotic charisma from the get-go. There is a clear conviction behind every word, and you get a sense of the catharsis in the destruction that the song explores as a central theme. The conviction of the vocalist makes the track more compelling and immersive, bringing you into the anarchy. Lyrics like “Do you wanna watch the world burn?” And “Pour the gas, my dear.” Put you, as the listener, into the action of the song by addressing you directly. It feels like we’re being invited to watch the world burn, with an absurd sense of excitement.

As the track goes on, more layers of guitars come in, creating this wall of sound that feels intense without ever being overwhelming or messy. This sonic device culminates in the excellent guitar solo towards the end, a high point of the track. It ties together all of the melodic components we’ve seen up to this point and takes them to a new level. The solo feels like the flames consuming the world; each riff and run feels like the lick of a flame rising and falling.

Time to Burn is full of addictive, chaotic energy that hooked me from start to finish. Through excellent guitar work and confident vocals, the track follows through on its message and delivers a fantastic hard rock anthem.


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