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Tipping Point Review

Tipping Point by GRACE & MOJI is by far my favourite track the husband and wife duo has released. There is vulnerability and honesty in the lyrics that feel incredibly unique.

This is further emphasised by quietness in the mix, making you feel as if every pause is teetering on the edge of the end of a relationship. It's the thoughtful production and emotionally resonant vocal performance that makes it stand out amongst all the tracks they’ve released thus far as well as other artists in the indie folk genre.

Songs like this have this incredible effect where they are often cathartic to create, bringing people together through the unifying emotional resonance of music. On top of this, they also help others by giving them a chance to understand problems they may be dealing with in their own life from a new perspective. It helps the artist and the listener and I think that’s a beautiful exchange.

The track opens with a gentle guitar part, combined with the vulnerable and soft vocals helps paint a picture of two people running out of things to say to each other, perfectly describing that tipping point in a relationship where the future seems uncertain.

The idea of “waiting for the tipping point” is really interesting. In this interpretation, it feels as if the couple are desperate to stay together but the relationship just has them so tangled up they can’t manage to do so. As the chorus swells and the voices come in together, this sense of commitment to each other is explored in the lyrics “I’m not letting go, if you’re not letting go.” This shows that they are willing to fight for each other and the relationship they have built. Interestingly, at this moment the dedication is not unconditional, “I'm not letting go if you’re not letting go.” This is a crucial detail that explores the fear people have in a relationship to be the first one to commit. It feels like they both know they need to be together but neither wants to be the first one to take that huge emotional leap. I think that line sums up the subtle storytelling that makes this track so special.

Tipping Point is a piece from the heart and it’s a privilege that we get to experience it as listeners.


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