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Until Tomorrow

Until Tomorrow by J.J. MAYKA is an indie rock gem with clear 80s influences. It has an inspiring energy and great use of tonal diversity. The song feels true to its message from start to finish.

The use of the brass in this track is brilliant. I appreciate the way that it interacts with the vocals and piano throughout. It almost feels like a secondary vocalist, acting as a call and response to the lead vocal during certain sections. That level of action and reaction between the different musical components shows how well the track is planned out but also the level of chemistry between the bandmates to respond to how each other is playing in the moment.

The piano part plays with tonal diversity nicely, exploring both the high and low ends of the melody. I also think that diversity helps enrich the sonic tapestry of the track overall. When the music swells for the first time, the introduction of the strings and brass washes over the listener. It feels like the track opens up in this section. However, I do think that the immediacy of the shift comes across as a little overwhelming. By introducing several musical components at the same time, MAYKA runs the risk of the song feeling crowded.

The lyrics are a strong point. My favourite concept brought up is a partner’s skin erasing “it all”. That link between physical connection and difficult moments in the past is something I think a lot of people would be able to relate to when it comes to relationships.

The vocals ebb and flow throughout the track brilliantly, conveying a subtle melancholy. As the song goes on, especially in the later sections, MAYKA allows more emotion to come through in his delivery and that’s where the track truly comes into its own.

It’s this vocal honesty and charisma, along with the brass sections that make this piece a cut above the competition.

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J.J. Mayka
J.J. Mayka
Nov 22, 2023

Nice and intimidating review. Thank you and have a good time listening to the track. Best J.J.

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