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We Are All Escaping Review

We Are All Escaping by MONICA PALMER is an electronic dream pop album with synth-pop influences. It builds a powerful vibe that seems to grow in confidence as the album develops. I'll go over some of my favourite tracks and explore how they define this diverse and sonically textured collection.

The Intro track sets the tone with a deep and seething melody, built up by layers of synths on top of each other. The contrast of the ethereal, higher register vocals emphasises the power of the deep melody. The vocals seem to convey a sense of vulnerability, especially at the top end of her register, with emotion spilling out when she hits the high notes. This is our first look at the sonic diversity and power that defines this project.

For The Ride, a later track evolves this sound, leaning more on the psychedelic, ethereal side, leaving room in the mix to showcase the excellent vocals. The strings in this tune are also very impressive. They have a crispness and clarity that makes them stand out in the mix, elevating the vocals by underscoring certain parts of the melody.

Afterwards, a later track, again changes the energy of the album, focusing more on sci-fi-inspired, spaced-out confidence that feels very different from the vulnerability we've seen in the compositions of earlier tracks, emphasising that high register and slow cadence as a melodic power as opposed to the emotional weight. To me, this feels like a turning point in the album, acting as a milestone in terms of confidence, not to be constantly stoic or unfeeling but to incorporate confidence into your emotions, just as the vocals work in tandem with the ethereal sci-fi timbre of the track as opposed to contrasting it.

Uniform Conditions is a personal favourite. The intertwining synth melodies mixed with more traditional instrumentation come to fruition here with a cinematic avant-garde vibe that feels euphoric, mechanical, and awe-inspiring all at once. It's this musical enigma that makes it such an interesting piece to listen to.

Overall, We Are All Escaping feels like a deeply personal album about development and growth. It's a testament to the skill of MONICA PALMER that she can make such a personal, individual experience a joy to listen to.


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