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What do you get the girl who's got it all for Christmas Review

What do you get the girl who's got it all for Christmas by BRAVADO CARTEL is a classic Christmas anthem about love during the festive season. The track uses its barebones structure to its advantage, delivering through its raw and honest vocal delivery.

The guitar strumming is another brilliant aspect, building the melody and rhythm together. It conveys brightness and light from beginning to end, feeling evocative of the Christmas spirit. The strumming feels deliberate and confident. It grounds the instrumental. When the other string elements come in later in the composition, it gives that tonal diversity, showing off its rich depth without losing its shine.

However, it is the vocals that truly make this song come together. The vocalists build this charismatic and cathartic vocal trust through the harmonies and duets in the track. There is this palpable sense of understanding between them about the tonal delivery of each line. It feels like they understand how to emphasise the strong suits of each other while also developing their take on the rhythm through their dynamic and independent interpretations of the melody. This mix of individuality and unity brings the track to life. The vocals have this personal flair. It feels as if they are singing for each other instead of for a possible audience, and that individual, unaltered expression makes the track feel so special to listen to.

As the song develops, other rhythmic devices come into play, such as the layers of strings in the latter half. They bolster the chorus and show tonal evolution throughout the track, an important aspect that stops the piece from feeling stale or repetitive. It also feels like they add to the stakes, increasing the sense of drama in the song with tense moments of subtle dissonance that get resolved in the climactic chorus.

Overall, this song feels comfortable and joyous in its delivery while experimenting and evolving its sound. Its balance of vocal charisma and tonal richness makes it a standout new Christmas anthem.


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