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Trudy and the Romance are a 50s inspired blues and rock 'n' roll band hailing from the UK. The quality of the music is fantastic and the style is unquestionably unique. Considering the success of songs such as "Is There A Place I Can Go" which hit over 10 million streams on Spotify, it seems strange to suggest that they haven't found the success they deserve yet. This because I think Trudy And The Romance are actually one of the most interesting bands of this generation, speaking about something which is not often covered in indie or any genre of music for that matter; petty male insecurity.

Maybe it is easier to show as opposed to explain. The song Wild is split into two very distinctive parts, the first being an outward expression of how a relationship problems effected someone. This can be seen by the rowdy rhythm and lyrics such as "girl you're gonna drive me wild." This part of the song is then contrasted by a more introspective, vulnerable take on the relationship, married with a slower cadence and a more subtle instrumental. Lyrics in this section change tone as well. "Darling it hurts me that you're his woman."

This contrast between the outward and inner thoughts creates a more full picture than a lot of "breakup music" manages, but what puts Trudy And The Romance in a league of their own is their warts and all expression of that vulnerability, sometimes spilling into spite and jealousy. Lines such as "do you get all the guys you need?" shine a light on the most jealous and illogical thoughts we all have when going through a breakup and not only is it cathartic to hear these these thoughts in music but also, by listening to them out loud, we realise how silly the thought process is.

Trudy And The Romance is a guide of how not to act, when in love and by embracing that vulnerable, petty sadness they have created a style which is very special and definitely deserved of a far larger audience.


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