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Why I Like Brenn3n's "War" So Much

There is no shortage of slow melancholic indie but somehow Brenn3n's "War" stands out, this is for a couple of reasons.

I think there is a certain aspirational quality to songwriting, where creators write something powerful and then have to turn it into something catchy and clippable, for the sake of labels or just to grow quickly.

Pursuit of Happiness is my favourite example of this, where the original songs is about going off the hedonic deep end, looking only at pleasure over safety or pain. However, the remixes loose all of that subtlety and turn the song into a catchy club banger about being happy.

Brenn3n avoids the trap of compromising his message with an instrumental that overshadows his lyrics or focuses more on staying in your head. Everything is intentional and there is nothing unnecessary.

With the gentle guitar and vocals being given room to breathe, the song creates space with silence, making each word feel more purposeful.

I think the key to the song is this space. Space for interpretation in the lyrics, space for the silence and space in the mix for each of its elements to shine.


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