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Witch's Brew Review

Witch's Brew by S J DENNEY is a melancholic and spooky track perfect for the Halloween season. Lead by heavy and emotionally resonant vocals, courtesy of Denney, the track has a languid march to it, mimicking the paralysing supernatural fear that the song focuses on.

We begin with an introduction to the bass, piano, and vocals. The track throws us in at the deep end musically as opposed to building up its sound more gradually. I think it works in this song because of the tone of the track. A slower approach would run the risk of sounding too lethargic as opposed to spooky. The piano and the bass play off each other nicely. With entirely different registers, the depth and commanding tone of the bass guitar are contrasted nicely with the higher, ethereal register of the piano. They both work brilliantly at emphasising the other. The higher register piano also helps to make the track feel scarier, its melodic trills mimicking shivers down your spine.

The vocals do a great job of leading the song. They set the tone with a raw and honest delivery that feels at home with the pace of the song. They also convey a sense of mystery and paranoia through their ability to ebb and flow throughout the track, building to emphatic sections and then sinking to more subtle and sinister ones.

As the track continues, new elements are brought into play, such as an electric guitar and violin, which change the dynamic significantly. While still playing with the high and low register juxtaposition nicely, they manage to add an edge to the timbre of the track. The guitar feels crunchy and bold, adding a new texture. The violin is mournful and sinister, leaning further into the Halloween theme of the song. Together, they manage to take the energy of the track to the next level.

Overall, Witch’s Brew is the perfect addition to your spooky season. It’s slow and sinister but also has an evolving sonic landscape that keeps you engaged from start to finish.


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