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Women Review

Women by Dirty Mitts is a fun and adventurous classic rock banger with sixties influences and a modern twist.

The track opens with this distorted grinding guitar playing that builds a vibrant-sounding riff with a real swagger to it. This is the musical foundation that the rest of the track uses as its building blocks. Interestingly, the guitar only begins on one side when listening in stereo, before panning to both when the verse begins. To me, this feels like a nod to other rock artists of generations prior who often mixed by panning one aspect of the composition to one side and other aspects to the other side. It’s a nice touch and shows a real sense of respect for its classic rock roots.

The drumming is also tight and well put together. There is a cohesion between the drumming and guitar which suggests to me a real chemistry between the band, through the way they allow the other to shine while presenting the melodic and rhythmic structure in a way that elevates each of their performances individually.

The vocals are boisterous and confident, gliding above the melody and leading the composition from the front. The vocalist’s confidence sells the lyrics and adds an emphasis to the important sections.

I also think the lyric “love me ‘till the morning, not a moment after” is an interesting touch, pulling back to the fleeting nature of love, a far cry from the song's energetic style. This shows a hint of melancholy piercing the confident rock exterior. It’s a nice touch that shows a sense of depth within the composition.

There is more nuance in the lyrics, mixing rock’s classic appreciation of women with an exploration of the unique struggles women deal with, for example having to work harder to achieve something due to gendered expectations and then receiving less reaction and praise on top of that. The real trick of the track for me is how they manage to merge these two very different styles into something that is not only coherent but is fun to listen to. To put it simply, neither theme undercuts the other and in a track like this, that’s quite impressive.

Women is a brilliantly fun rock banger with some deep themes, melding traditional rock with updated attitudes. It’s this combination that makes it worth a spot on your playlist.


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