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You Dance Review

You Dance In The Club is a spacey dance remix that manages to maintain its cool, calm, and enigmatic charm while also building a beat you can’t help but nod your head to. Remixed by Those Giants, originally by Benedict Sinister, the song’s foundation is his classic gravelly vocals exploring emotionally complex themes. 

The line about being too broke to cry hit home in terms of the way money can trap people in awful situations. It’s an interesting juxtaposition with the thumping rhythm of the song. Together they create a tense and dynamic flow that switches between the excess of the vibrant synths and the downbeat vocals. It feels as if the vocalist is lamenting the past and the challenges they’ve faced while being in a better place now, as implied by the ethereal melody. 

The instrumental itself is built from these high-register synths that cross over and intersect as the song goes. The drum machine has a fast pace and plenty of fills to keep the song going. It builds up this mix of rhythm and counter rhythm that interact and bounce off each other as well as other aspects of the composition. The deep synths that come in and out periodically create contrast with the high register of the main melody and work along with the drums to establish an alternative rhythm that moves the track along and keeps it exciting. I have to say, hearing that low synth gave me the mix of excitement and anticipation that comes from walking into a new club. Something about its depth and confidence just felt so perfectly suited for a club environment. The track ebbs and flows beautifully, allowing moments of high and low intensity as it goes. I appreciate the slow gentle moments as much as the higher-intensity sections, they provide contrast and give the listener time to appreciate the complexities of the remix. 

Overall, You Dance In The Club is full of nuance and charisma that makes the remix so well suited for a club environment. 


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