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You Have a Voice, Use It Review

Will Sims’ You Have a Voice, Use It is a powerful mix of hard rock and alternative influences that builds a project full of energy about anger and regret balanced with sections about change and preparedness to move on.

Opening with Lose Control, we begin with this explosion of rock energy, featuring crushed and distorted guitar and heavy crunchy drumming that work together to root the sound in the hard rock scene while also allowing space for the guitar riffs at the higher end of the register, giving the track a sense of diversity and adding to the sonic texture of the song. The vocals are emotive and raw right from the outset, clearly dealing with deep and complex emotions resonant with the performer.

The next track, Move It or Lose It has a killer bassline, elevating the guitar playing from the first track. I also like the harmonies that emphasise certain lines, giving them an increased sense of power.

To Remind You has an interesting mix of psychedelic and hard rock influences, really flexing that fun genre combination that makes the project’s sound really pop.

I Should Never Have Given Up On You is a personal favourite on the album. With a softer and more subtle tone, this allows us to hear a different side to the vocalist's register. I think a more gentle composition allows the subtleties of their voice to come across even more, accentuating the quality of the performance and showing their wide range of abilities. The guitar is bright, using rhythmic strumming, arpeggiated guitar chords, and a lovely solo just after the one-minute mark to establish a very different sound. This more gentle tone is continued through Fears but then switches back on What Are You Doing?

With a powerful message about making something of your life and committing to living as opposed to just surviving, the track has the power of the instrumental to match. With an achingly good lead guitar part that works in tandem with the vocals and intense drumming to keep the pace high.

The last track, Where Are You Now? feels like the final stage of growth through the turmoil of the album. The lyric “I have come further than you have realised, my spirit has broken through” feels significant as a change. I get the sense that they are no longer living with the issues of regret and inaction covered in the album. This full circle moment gives the project a narrative cohesion which I appreciate, it feels like there is an answer to the heartache and challenges presented throughout.

This album is heartfelt and honest from start to finish, I like its raw energy and I love its ability to tell a compelling story.


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