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Your Ship Is Coming In Review

James Spencer's Your Ship Is Coming In is a brilliant mix of rock and alt-folk genres that tells a high-paced story about enjoying the fruits of your labor. The title harkens back to the famous idiom about finding your fortune. Those lyrics, paired with the exciting, energetic, and passionate delivery, lead to a rich and inspirational chorus.

There is a tangible sense of motivation throughout the track, an understanding and respect for hard work. Spencer’s performance exudes hope and a sense of catharsis, making people feel seen through acknowledging the tribulations of life and encouraging hope for tomorrow.

Even the melody has an optimistic air, literally rising as it goes on. It centres on this series of sonic staircases that follow each other, establishing a sense of rhythm and melody through these rises and the space in between. I like how Spencer plays with silence throughout the track. Your Ship’s Coming In uses space as emphasis. When introducing new motifs, the silence helps the evolving sound to juxtapose the previous parts. As the melody develops, it becomes more intense, building a sense of vigor and pace that matches the exciting theme of hard work paying off.

I love the use of harmonies in the chorus. They compliment the lead line of the track nicely, giving it a sense of energy and making you want to sing along as a listener. The harmony’s higher register interacts beautifully with the strings, each fortifying the sonic texture of the other and providing a diversity in timbre to the high end of the composition. As the song concludes, it swells with a beautiful chorus, combining the rock and folk influences with subtle electric guitar, contrasting the traditional folk influences. The mix of genres makes the track that much more unique and charismatic.

Your Ship Is Coming In is a joy to listen to, beginning to end. Its ability to captivate through its pure positivity and energetic delivery is impressive.

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