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Love Me Review

Love Me by JOSHUA is a seething dark pop track with a captivating mix of confidence and insecurity that defines its sound. I like the honesty of the vocals. There is a sense that the vocalist is pouring his heart into the lyrics. That connection between the lyrics and the delivery helps the track feel genuine and authentic. You get the impression that the vocalist deeply understands the themes. This understanding makes the delivery impactful throughout the high and low points of the track.

The song uses a vocal sample as part of its melody. Its higher register provides contrast to the vocals and the bass. The trills at the top of his register also help to establish the sonic palette. I think their escalations aid in building that sense of insecurity and vulnerability.

The rhythm builds from this punchy low-end distortion, created by a drum machine that gives the track an edge and juxtaposes the soft subtlety of the vocals.

The vocals steal the show on Love Me. The range is impressive, both technically and emotionally. On the line “I’ll do whatever it takes,” the effortless sonic rise adds emotional weight while staying in the flow of the track. The change in energy between that line and “Do you have what it takes to love me?” is dramatic, shedding off the subtle vulnerability for a confident and harsh delivery. That variety and contrast help each of the aspects of the song to shine. The lower moments feel more sensitive and delicate, while the higher moments are given extra momentum because of the verses as their contrast. The use of subtle vocal harmonies in the chorus and pre-chorus is the final addition that perfects its vocal delivery, adding potency to particular lines.

Overall, the emotional range and articulate lyricism present in Love Me left me impressed. However, the intricacies of the vocals tie it all together.


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