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Power Up Review

I always found the confidence that a lot of rap music explores interesting. The same kind of people who bash visualisations will listen to tracks with choruses about beautiful women and money and find it energising. This style is so much more than bragging, it’s a hypnotic and confident attitude that makes people feel good. 

Power Up by Cris Cain, produced by Serbian Smile, is a hyper-confident rap track exploring the lifestyle with energy and vigour. Cain's delivery feels smooth. The way he changes cadences with the instrumental makes the two feel connected in a way that elevates the track as a whole. 

The instrumental itself has a deep kick which, along with some subtle piano and string accompaniments, forms the foundation of the melody. This feels slow and deliberate, establishing the conviction at the heart of the song’s energy. This slow confidence is contrasted by the fast pace of the hi-hats that help define the rhythm. The plentiful fills and high register not only juxtapose the depth of the melody but also provide some pace, injecting the track with power and flow that keeps it exciting from beginning to end. 

The lyrics underscore the charisma of the instrumental with steezy, engaging, and quotable lines that balance between aggressive and vibey. Lyrics referencing designer brands contrast lines like “If you fuck with me get killed, that’s a bad day.” These entirely different themes are used to underscore the ups and downs of living fast and also to build up the variety of the speaker's image. He’s just as comfortable in a luxury store as he is dealing with people who cross him. The vocal effects are a nice touch, giving the song a spaced-out energy through the layers of autotune. It also amplifies the emotion by making the runs in the delivery more pronounced. 

Overall, Cris Cain’s charisma is addictive to listen to. Power Up is the perfect name for this track because it gives you energy from beginning to end. 


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