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Runaways Review

Runaways by Night Far Gone is a confident and stylish eighties-inspired synth-pop album that explores chaos through the lens of effortless neon-drenched steeze.

The album opens with Runaways, a track that reminded me of the Hotline Miami soundtrack. With its use of sirens, pulsating driving synths, and a bold futuristic and shiny timbre, it creates this sense of a futuristic city in disorder, with you, the listener, just far enough away to appreciate the beauty within it. As the track continues, Night Far Gone shows their guitar playing prowess, with this grinding, aching note that comes in, adding sonic diversity to the composition in a really interesting way.

Possible changes the vibe a little, introducing us to a more relaxed and positive track, exploring relationships, commitment, and love. The vocals really shine on this song in particular. Especially at the top of the register, real emotion spills out and elevates the styling of the track with authenticity and drive, building its themes perfectly. If Runaways is a 3 a.m. chaotic disaster with your friends, Possible is an evening in with your partner where you're both in bed by eleven. Both are great tracks on their own but the comparison of the other track elevates each of them by contrast. This variety within the EP allows their sound to develop into more than a sum of its parts. Waiting for You is another great track, injecting some of the energy of Runaways but also adding the vulnerability of Possible creating a track that feels powerful, bold, and relatable at the same time. The electric guitar in this one is another highlight, really emphasisng the power of the pulsating synth rhythm and working as a counterpoint to the melody. I also like the vocal harmonies they use. It really shows the experience of the producer to be able to add them into the mix without making the composition sound cluttered.

Runaways is a great EP that clearly has a lot of respect for its neon-soaked eighties synth-pop roots. It is also an EP that is not afraid to shake things up. It's this perfect balance that elevates it beyond its genre conventions, building it into a collection that stands out amongst its synth-pop competition.


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