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The Crime of Silence Is Full of Emotional Twists and Turns

The Crime of Silence by AMARU is an inspirational album tackling personal yet universal themes in a pop-funk package that is fun to listen to, even when dealing with these heavy and complex topics. This direction gives you a vulnerable perspective on AMARU’s experience of moving to Europe from South America, documenting the emotions associated with such a huge life change. 


The first track, Help a Brotha Out, has this unique and uneasy mix of a playful, buoyant beat and desperation in the lyrics. The repetition of “help a brotha out” feels at odds with the marching drums and shiny timbre of the flourishing brass section. This juxtaposition is a purposeful choice to draw attention to the contrasting themes across the album. It feels like an introduction into this ambiguous world where contrasting emotional atmospheres ebb and flow between the songs. The next track, Este Hombre, changes the vibe entirely with this hyper-confident dance beat. The synth is deep, sharp, and energetic, providing a basis for the melody and rhythm. There is also a higher register synth contrasting it, emphasising the details in the vocal delivery through its embellishments and trills.

Never is a personal favourite of mine. It utilises a crunchy, industrial-sounding guitar which drew me into the album. When I chatted with AMARU before writing the review, he mentioned that this was a glitch with his DAW that he decided to run with.

“At some point, there was a mishap with Logic and the guitar solo that we played sounded strange... I decided to leave it as is since the grief and heartache seemed to be piling with this track."

That level of free-flowing and open-minded creative vision makes this album so remarkable. My Shell is a brilliant interlude that caught my attention later in the album. It redefines how you think about your shell. In the colloquialism “get out of your shell,” your shell becomes this part of you that is shameful and that you should avoid. AMARU redefines it to be a beautiful part of yourself that coexists with your soul. This choice feels relevant to him moving continents, getting comfortable not without your shell but being able to coexist with it while in a new and unfamiliar place and environment. 

Overall, this album’s emotional ebbs and flows give it a bold, unique, and heartfelt stride, setting it apart from other pop-funk projects. Its enthusiasm, vulnerability, and bold sonic execution make it a must-listen for pop-funk fans. 


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