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Horizon Review

Horizon by 59 PERLEN is a dynamic take on minimalist EDM tracks. It utilises intertwining layers of synths to build this psychedelic and obscure sound with mechanical energy.

The track has a long introduction, allowing the layers to come in gradually.

The first musical device is this pulsating, bouncy synth that takes hold of the composition from the beginning and never lets go. This style of slow production makes each instrumental piece feel like it has its own personality. I think that draws a sense of intrigue. It encourages the listener to understand the different sonic aspects. It also makes the listener question how they will interact with each other. For example, hearing this bouncy synth interact with the beat for the first time was exciting. The synth maintains this seamless flow that fits into the rhythm perfectly.

There is this musical break part of the way through where the instrumental layers fall away to grinding, mechanical noise, and ambiance. This break leaves the listener confused, wondering about the development. When the music returns, it has a different timbre, injecting these shakers that build rhythm and an alien synth moving with an ethereal flow that was not present before. However, the track soon switches back to the original rhythm and synth. This sonic twist was the best reversal I have heard in a recent song. It created this bizarre mix of comfort at the familiarity and sinister sensation of dread. It felt like the song was saying: “You can’t get away, there is no escape.” The synth felt all-encompassing, like a chronic constant through the universe of the song.

The way the track packs such complex emotional depth into a song without words is stunning. I think the personality of each instrumental element is the decision that defines Horizon and what makes it so successful.

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