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Invisible Wars Review

Invisible Wars by LUNA KELLER is an articulate indie folk track describing the challenges, going through depression. She uses the metaphor of drowning to describe the feeling of battling mental illness. Tracks like this are so important in music because it is a pure and honest transfer of life from one person to another.

Writing something like Invisible Wars after going through difficulties in life is often incredibly cathartic, putting those emotions into work, somehow rationalises them and makes the individual feel a lot better. The other side of that is people going through their own mental health struggles will be able to find connection through the song. That mutually beneficial sharing is so powerful and is executed perfectly here. I think Invisible Wars is a track many people will be able to get a lot out of listening to.

Opening with gentle guitars and soulful vocals, the track's pace begins slowly, introducing you to the themes communicated through the lyrics as well as the melody, gently and subtly plucked on the guitar. Keller’s vocals are a standout from the start, emphasising the emotion of the song with her candour, as well as the vocal trills and embellishments which heighten the emotion further.

I thought the line “Don’t wanna make this decision, just give me a mission” was especially potent, describing how feeling aimless can be so damaging and dangerous for people’s mental health. We all need a sense of purpose and that’s not an aspect of depression I’ve seen touched on often in music.

Later the track builds in intensity with the introduction of strumming guitar, and potent drums. The strings also do a fantastic job in these sections of adding depth to the vocal performance, supporting them by following the melody with them. The track is as strong in these sections as it is in the quiet lulls and I think that diversity in energy is what makes it work. Kellers conviction to storytelling makes the track feel natural wherever it goes. That narrative energy elevates the song beyond the sum of its parts.


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