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No Rainbows In Indiana Review

No Rainbows In Indiana by WHT.RBBT.OBJ is an alt-rock anthem with face-melting guitar and bass performances, exuding energy and emotion from the beginning.

Opening with this gorgeous, heavy bassline, the track establishes a seething, heavy vibe. It reminded me of that powerful bass injection in Exit Music (For A Film) by Radiohead. The bassline has this potent consistency, establishing not only the melodic foundations but also a sense of rhythm. It works with the drums to build the driving pace of the track. The drums themselves work in the background of the mix, allowing the guitar and bass to dance around the melody within the structure that it lays out. That being said, it does a great job of evolving with the other aspects of the composition, feeling lively and adding pace while also maintaining the song’s structure at the same time.

The electric guitar is the standout feature that ties the whole piece together. It conveys this gorgeous, grinding distortion that sounds powerful throughout. This crunchy and bold sound is given plenty of room in the mix to shine. There is a musical break around 1:15 that allows the guitar to explore the melody more thoroughly. This exploration is taken even further at the 2:30 mark with an excellent and lengthy guitar solo that covers the different registers the guitar is capable of within the melody. It also adds a palpable sense of drive to the song. The guitar isn’t the center

of attention all the time and I think it’s actually the interactions with the vocals that make it really shine. It flows with the register of the vocal performance fantastically. At points, its embellishments, riffs, and trills also work like a call and response to the vocals.

There is a sense of charisma communicated in the honesty and rawness of the vocal delivery that I really appreciate. The vocalist sounds just as comfortable in the high-energy parts as she does in the more subtle parts of the track because of their emotional connection to the lyrics. The sentiment feels genuine throughout because of that understanding.

Overall, No Rainbows in Indiana is an alt-rock anthem with powerful guitars that really leave an impression. I’m excited to see what WHT.RBBT.OBJ does next.


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