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Pet Sematary Review

EVOL WALKS cover of Pet Sematary, originally by The Ramones, injects the eighties classic with a mix of enigmatic and sinister energy through the slow and creeping delivery.

The guitar performance feels heavy and bold through its sharpness in the mix and the depth of its tones. It contrasts the vocals nicely, providing a weight in the register that mirrors their higher tone. I think that juxtaposition goes a long way to anchoring the track tonally. Through the uncomfortable balance between these two attributes, the song's enigmatic and dark personality becomes more pronounced.

I love the lack of instrumentation, especially in the first half. It creates an intimate sound, allowing you to understand the tonal shift from the original and focus on the lyrics, recontextualised by Leah Martin-Brown’s performance. Her voice adds more depth through the intonation of her voice. Her delivery of the line “I don’t wanna be buried in a pet Sematary” is full of anguish and desperation. Aided by the space in the mix and the dominant position of the vocals throughout, her delivery defines the cover, supplying it with charisma and personality. However, the group respects the influence of the original. Later, harmonies add to the vocal performance. This addition is a brilliant touch that allows the track to feel like it is naturally growing while also allowing Martin-Brown to show off the variety of her vocal range by exploring many aspects of the melody.

Later in the track, more strings come into the melody, built by the guitar and vocal. They allow the emotion to swell, acting as a fitting evolution of the sound. The change feels like a smooth yet climactic explosion of energy from the tension established in the track so far.

Overall, I am impressed with EVOL WALKS' take on a classic. They shift it into a dark and modern ballad. The track loses none of the charisma that made it such a hit in the eighties and supplements that with enigmatic darkness, bringing the sorrow in the lyrics into the limelight.


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