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White Bird Review

White Bird by CLAUDIA BALLA is a beautiful ballad that uses metaphor to describe the allure of love in a universal yet articulate way. The track’s energy is created by a thoughtful and sensitive mix, allowing space for each element of the track to breathe while still feeling full and climactic at the right moments.

BALLA’s vocal performance is a highlight. She injects each phrase with a powerful yet vulnerable tone that emphasises the power of the lyrics as well as interacts with the subtleties of the instrumental. That balance between the instrumental and vocal taking control of the track makes White Bird so unique. The harmonies are another factor that helps the track underscore its emotional complexity. They fill out the vocal range, providing both depth and contrast throughout. They also help to build on specific lines that add meaning to the track as a whole. They don’t overshadow the voice but elevate it, emphasising its strong points through its contrasting range. It feels as if the harmony is a metaphor for the lifting power of love. Moreover, the variety of tones felt reminiscent of the intensity of the emotions that come with it.

The instrumental remains in the background for most of the track, allowing space for the vocals and lyrics to take control of the composition. However, the plucking melody that is developed aids in the track's delivery in many subtle ways. The interactions between the melody in the vocal and the instrumental create this beautiful mix of tension and harmony that ebbs and flows as the track goes. The use of piano to build on that melody later on in the piece not only allows it to evolve as it goes but also allows the final moments of the track to feel especially meaningful through that evolution.

Overall, I’m impressed with the purity of expression in White Bird. The instrumental’s reserved position in the mix shows maturity and a clarity of focus on the vocals that define the song from beginning to end.


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