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Precious Memories Review

Precious Memories by Avaaraj is a beautiful yet tragic collection of songs detailing her experience of helping her grandmother after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The Ep utilises an array of styles to tell stories within the narrative, giving context to the themes with tracks from alternative perspectives.

Opening with Precious Memories Intro, the EP begins with a train of thought exploring the emotions associated with her “Mawmaw.” Instead of having a downbeat tone, the track feels joyous and celebratory of the moments in life they got to share. Although some moments are affected by the sadness of the context, underscored by the powerful violin accompaniment, it is clear that it is not the focus here. The focus is love and the promise to be there for her.

What Would Change is another introspective and powerful track that instead focuses on what could have been if her grandad had been around to look after her grandmother during the difficulties of the disorder. The track again has spoken word elements, a staple of the collection. However, this interpretation is more free-flowing, allowing for more melodic elements, such as the harmonies that add depth and richness, to enhance the emotional fidelity of every line.

Never Fade is one of the most raw tracks on the album, detailing Avaraj’s journey, attempting to understand her grandmother’s disorder and its impact from her perspective. It begins with lines about what has changed. She sings about missing the person she used to be. This sentiment contrasts the chorus that evolves the message into an assertion of compassion, understanding that her reaction to her grandmother is the only thing she can control. “Time can take your memory, but it can never take my love.”

This album has a beautiful message and a loving perspective that translates more broadly into a fantastic outlook on life for everyone.


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